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Thumb 6728274 michael connelly  chris grabenstein  and clay stafford at killer nashville

Michael Connelly

reddit AMA February 2015

I am bestselling author Michael Connelly, creator of the Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller series - AMA!

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Rainn Wilson

reddit AMA February 2015

I am Rainn Wilson, star of Backstrom on FOX, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, ass-kicker. AMA.

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Travis Fimmel

reddit AMA February 2015

Travis Fimmel here. Cherry picker, dairy farmer, you may know me as Ragnar on VIKINGS. AMA.


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Doug Jones

reddit AMA November 2014

Hi reddit! I'm actor Doug Jones (HELLBOY, PAN'S LABYRINTH, SILVER SURFER) and soon to be ...

Thumb 21885938 2592234 david hayter in x men  2000

David Hayter

reddit AMA November 2014

I am David Hayter v/o actor, writer, X-men 1 and 2, Watchmen, Solid Snake, etc... AMA!

Thumb reza aslan   april 2012

Reza Aslan

reddit AMA July 2013

I am Reza Aslan, scholar of religions, author of ZEALOT, and (gasp!) recent FOX news guest - AMA

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Steve Nash

reddit AMA June 2014

It's Steve Nash - Former Phoenix Sun, Current LA Laker, soccer lover. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Thumb iss 34 chris hadfield juggles some tomatoes

Chris Hadfield

reddit AMA February 2013

I Am Astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently orbiting planet Earth.

Thumb mars science laboratory curiosity rover

Mars Curiosity Rover Mission

reddit AMA August 2012

We are engineers and scientists on the Mars Curiosity Rover Mission, Ask us Anything!

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Prince Michael of the Principality of Sealand

reddit AMA April 2013

IAMA I'm Prince Michael of the Principality of Sealand. Est. 1967 we're the smallest Independent ...

Thumb normandy7

Harry Snyder

reddit AMA June 2014

IamA 92-Year-Old WWII Normandy/Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Half-Track Driver and War ...

Thumb iraqi women in their kitchen preparing a meal for a luncheon

Dr. Marzio Babille

reddit AMA June 2014

I am Dr. Marzio Babille, UNICEF Iraq Representative, here to answer your questions about the ...

Thumb cmdr. frank castellano and capt. richard phillips   090412 n xxxxn 001

Captain Richard Phillips

reddit AMA October 2013

I am Captain Richard Phillips, whose story inspired the film "Captain Phillips." Ask me almost ...

Thumb magnus carlsen tata steel 2013

Magnus Øen Carlsen

reddit AMA March 2014

Hello Reddit – I’m Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion and the highest rated chess player ...