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Gale Anne Hurd

reddit AMA October 2014

I am producer Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator Trilogy, Aliens, The Abyss, The Walking Dead). AMA!

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Rachael MacFarlane

reddit AMA October 2014

Hi, I'm Rachael MacFarlane. You might recognize my voice as Hayley from AMERICAN DAD. AMAA!

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The Banner Saga

reddit AMA October 2014

We are Stoic - Indie Game Developers creating The Banner Saga Trilogy


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Trent Reznor

reddit AMA November 2012

I am Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and How to destroy angels. AMA

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Gordon Lightfoot

reddit AMA August 2014

Gordon Lightfoot here. Singer/songwriter for over 50 years whose work has been performed by ...

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Frank Miller

reddit AMA June 2014

I am Frank Miller - artist, cartoonist, creator of 300 and Sin City, filmmaker, co-director of ...

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Jay Kogen

reddit AMA September 2012

Jay Kogen Here. Long past SIMPSONS writer. I created many of your favorite and least favorite ...

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R.L. Stine

reddit AMA October 2013

I'm R.L. Stine and it's my job to terrify kids. Ask me anything!

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Bill Nye

reddit AMA July 2014

I am Bill Nye The Science Guy and CEO of The Planetary Society, I'm here with NASA's Chief ...

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Tim Berners-Lee

reddit AMA March 2014

I am Tim Berners-Lee. I invented the WWW 25 years ago and I am concerned and excited about its ...

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Rush Holt

reddit AMA July 2013

Hi, I'm Rush Holt. I'm a member of Congress, a candidate for Senate, and an astrophysicist. AMA!