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Maury Povich

reddit AMA April 2015

Maury Povich here. I'd be surprised if ANYBODY asks me a question. AMA.

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Chris Jericho

reddit AMA April 2015

I am Chris Jericho – Star of Comedy Central’s Nothing to Report, WWE Superstar, author, singer ...

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John Green

reddit AMA April 2015

Iam John Green--vlogbrother, Crash Course host, redditor, and author of The Fault in Our Stars ...


Thumb john fogerty 0c183 9239

John Fogerty

reddit AMA May 2013

I am John Fogerty - singer, songwriter, and former leader of Creedence Clearwater Revival. My ...

Thumb psy 2013


reddit AMA October 2012

I am South Korean Singer, Rapper, Composer, Dancer and Creator of Gangnam Style PSY. AMA

Thumb 879704 irvine welsh

Irvine Welsh

reddit AMA February 2015

I'm Irvine Welsh, author of TRAINSPOTTING, and I'm here to discuss the sex lives of siamese ...

Thumb adtwo22

Allie Brosh

reddit AMA October 2013

I am Allie Brosh, the draw-writer of Hyperbole and a Half. Ask me anything about anything!

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Margaret Atwood

reddit AMA December 2014

I am Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale and the MaddAddam Trilogy, and my most ...

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Shaquille O'Neal

reddit AMA February 2014

IAmA Shaquille O'Neal, host of UPLOAD, entrepreneur, actor, played some basketball. Ask Me Anything!

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Steve Nash

reddit AMA June 2014

It's Steve Nash - Former Phoenix Sun, Current LA Laker, soccer lover. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Thumb 51907336 aj green bengals 2012

AJ Green

reddit AMA October 2014

IamA NFL Football player and Old Spice spokesman, AMAA. I am AJ Green, and seriously, who stole ...

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Tim Berners-Lee

reddit AMA March 2014

I am Tim Berners-Lee. I invented the WWW 25 years ago and I am concerned and excited about its ...

Thumb 44253320 buzz aldrin   campus party 2013

Buzz Aldrin

reddit AMA October 2014

I am Dr. Buzz Aldrin, back again on reddit. I am an aeroastro engineer, and crew member of ...

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Natalie Bennett

reddit AMA February 2015

I am Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales -- AMA

Thumb iraqi women in their kitchen preparing a meal for a luncheon

Dr. Marzio Babille

reddit AMA June 2014

I am Dr. Marzio Babille, UNICEF Iraq Representative, here to answer your questions about the ...

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Prince Michael of the Principality of Sealand

reddit AMA April 2013

IAMA I'm Prince Michael of the Principality of Sealand. Est. 1967 we're the smallest Independent ...

Thumb ellen mclain signing atlas at kitacon 2012

Ellen McLain

reddit AMA May 2013

I am Ellen McLain; voice of GLaDOS & Fairy Godmother of Wish It Inc. Ask me anything!

Thumb iran hostages return

Peter Moore

reddit AMA October 2012

I am Peter Moore, the longest held hostage in Iraq, kept captive for over 2.5 years. AMA