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Liz Tuccillo

reddit AMA December 2014

Liz Tuccillo: writer (I wrote on SEX AND THE CITY as well as co-wrote the book HE'S JUST NOT ...

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Doug Jones

reddit AMA November 2014

Hi reddit! I'm actor Doug Jones (HELLBOY, PAN'S LABYRINTH, SILVER SURFER) and soon to be ...

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Naomi Klein

reddit AMA November 2014

I’m Naomi Klein, author of THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Capitalism vs the Climate. Ask me anything!

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David Hayter

reddit AMA November 2014

I am David Hayter v/o actor, writer, X-men 1 and 2, Watchmen, Solid Snake, etc... AMA!

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Megan Amram

reddit AMA November 2014

IamA (Parks & Rec writer, twitter comedian, author & Jew MEGAN AMRAM) AMA!

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Walter Isaacson

reddit AMA October 2014

I am Walter Isaacson, author of THE INNOVATORS, STEVE JOBS, and CEO of the Aspen institute - AMA!

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Garth Nix

reddit AMA October 2014

Hi, this is Garth Nix, author of SABRIEL, SHADE'S CHILDREN, THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM SERIES and ...