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Garth Nix

reddit AMA October 2014

Hi, this is Garth Nix, author of SABRIEL, SHADE'S CHILDREN, THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM SERIES and ...

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Carrie Kahn

reddit AMA October 2014

I’m Carrie Kahn and I’m NPR’s Correspondent for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Ask ...

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Margaret Nagle

reddit AMA September 2014

I am screenwriter Margaret Nagle. You might know me from Boardwalk Empire, Red Band Society, or ...

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Steven Johnson

reddit AMA September 2014

I am Steven Johnson, author and host of the new book and PBS series, How We Got To Now. Ask me ...

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Nicholas Kristof

reddit AMA September 2014

I am Nicholas Kristof, A Path Appears Author & NY Times columnist. Ask Me Anything.

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Paul Barrett

reddit AMA September 2014

I am Paul Barrett, journalist and New York Times bestselling author. I'm eager to talk about my ...

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Lisa Ling

reddit AMA September 2014

I am Lisa Ling. Journalist, TV Show Host and Executive Producer. I’m taking viewers into worlds ...

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Joshua Nite

reddit AMA September 2014

IamA Mr. Skullhead of Kingdom of Loathing fame. It's my birthday! AMA!